Telephoto Landscapes

We all love wide-angle lenses for landscape photography. As an alternative, however, a telephoto lens will allow for more compositional possibilities. Mark Hamblin shares some excellent ideas

There is a temptation when photographing landscapes to reach for a wide-angle lens to include as much as possible in the same way that your eyes see the view. There is nothing wrong with this approach but, as an alternative, a telephoto lens will allow you to hone in on key features within the wider landscape and give your images a totally different look. A longer lens allows you to emphasise these striking parts of the landscape, giving the picture added impact by concentrating the viewer’s eye on what really matters. With telephoto landscapes it is a case of ‘less is more’. You can keep it simple by cutting out anything that doesn’t add to the picture and concentrating on creating a strong composition.

Telephoto lenses create the illusion of making things appear much closer together than they really are, compressing elements within the landscape. This is the opposite to a wide angle lens, of course, which makes the background appear much further away and lessening the impact of more distant parts of the scene. By contrast a telephoto lens helps to …

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Mark Hamblin

Mark Hamblin is a freelance nature photographer with a primary focus on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places. His recent work has been on collaborative projects that include Tooth & Claw and Wild Wonders of Europe. He is also working on the 2020VISION project.

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