Shore to Summit

This book by Fran Halsall is predominantly about the geology of many favourite landscape photography locations in the UK. The question is, do you want to know more about the rocks and scenery that you are photographing? David Hay has the review

The field of landscape photography books is awash with new titles, most of them covering the same familiar subject areas. Against this background it must be daunting for new authors to try and persuade publishers to take an interest in their new manuscripts. However, this book is genuinely something new in the field of landscape photography as it covers the geology of all of our favourite landscape photography locations in the UK.

The book features one hundred of the best photographic locations all around the UK, including ones that many of you know and love. They are presented in the order in which the landscapes were formed according to the geological timescale. Each location features a picture of the view plus a description of the type of rocks found there. In addition, there are details about the history of the location such as the mythology that surrounds it and the impact of man on the scenery.

Many other books about, for example, mountain scenery are written by enthusiasts who are not primarily photographers. They …

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