Seeing the Potential

Under the right weather and light conditions, as Cheryl Hamer explains, even seemingly quite ‘ordinary’ locations can offer great photographic potential. It is up to us to search, find and wait for the perfect moment

Christmas and New Year celebrations are over and done with, no doubt we have all eaten and drunk far too much – I for one was feeling very sluggish and struggling to get myself going! What better way then to give ourselves a ‘kickstart’ but to go out for a sunrise? Much as I struggle to get myself out of bed, I rarely regret it, even if I don’t get a picture, the sheer tranquility of that time of day always fills me with delight – then, when the sun crests the horizon the sheer potentiality of life, let alone that day, comes into clear focus. So, I set out on the fourth day of January, with the …

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