Playing in the Woods

From time to time we should go out and ‘play’ with our camera, it’s one of the huge benefits of digital photography. As Cheryl Hamer says, you will be surprised at the results.

I have been living on Anglesey for nearly a year now, and I think that what I have discovered is that autumn comes relatively late here. Whilst other people were posting autumn colour pictures in October and early November, we hadn’t really had that much going on then. I was beginning to think it just didn’t happen here because, depending on which source you rely on, Anglesey is either the fifth, or the seventh windiest place in the UK. Then, in late November there seemed to be an explosion of colour on the Oak and Beech trees which seemed to be able to hang on to their leaves a little bit better even in the strong winds. So, that seemed to be my cue to …

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