Photoshop Doesn’t Ruin Landscape Photography

In nearly all matters related to art, what is most important is your opinion, not the opinion of others who, because of the nature of art, are unlikely to have the same vision as you. Alain Briot shares his thoughts on this extremely sensitive subject

An essay I read recently generated some reflections on the subject of photo manipulation. This is not a new subject for me. I have written previously about it, notably in the essay titled Just Say Yes, which you can read here:

Even though the matter of digital manipulation has now been put to rest to a large extent, it still surfaces from time to time, and such is the case in this instance. Here is the link to the essay that I will be referring to… Declan O’Neill’s Why Photoshop is ruining landscape photography:

Notice how the title of this essay compares to the title of my essay. My title is of course purposefully chosen to contrast with the preposterous statement of this other essay. I could have simply titled my essay ‘Not!’ but I preferred to use a complete sentence rather than the vernacular sense of not when it is used to deny the accuracy of a statement.

The essay in question focuses on a photographer who submitted a manipulated photograph to an important photo contest in England. This photographer won first place in the contest only to see his award taken away when the judges realised, a little late for sure, that his image was a collage of …

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