Photographing Twilight Cityscapes

Photographers chase the best light to help produce the most stunning landscape pictures possible – cityscape pictures are no different. Brandon Yoshizawa shares some useful advice on photographing twilight cityscapes

Images shot during the day, at sunset, or during the night will produce different moods and tones. While many people shoot spectacular skylines against the golden hues produced at sunrise and sunset, or at night to capture the glowing city lights, many don’t shoot during the blue hour, when the sky takes on a rich blue tone.

Photographers who shoot nighttime cityscapes against a black sky will notice a huge difference if they shoot during the blue hour, as it provides a greater degree of contrast and tonal separation against the city lights and buildings. Blue hour also provides benefits as it does not rely on the dramatic skies that are required for spectacular sunrises and sunsets – you can take advantage of it under less than ideal weather conditions, from …

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