Photographing Buck Creek Pass

If bad weather threatens to ruin a photography trip, do you persevere or give up? On a rainy visit to the Glacier Peak Wilderness, Trevor Anderson discovers the importance of finding gratitude in every experience

Earlier in the year, a friend and I had planned a return trip into the heart of the Glacier Peak Wilderness. This trip would take us into some parts familiar terrain and other parts uncharted terrain where photographic depiction had been minimal. The idea was to see this place under perfectly sunny skies, which complemented the rolling wildflowers, alpine lakes and the distant-glaciated Glacier Peak. This was slated to be the paramount backpacking trip of the year, but how perfect the anticipatory weather is in our minds compared to what we actually experience.

The time of the trip neared and the forecast suggested snow in early August. We thought of this as ominous, but I didn’t want to dismiss the idea of grandeur that those early visions of the trip instilled within me. I was banking on the idea that...

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Trevor Anderson

I am Trevor Anderson and I am a Pacific Northwest based Photographer. With the immense natural beauty and recreational opportunities available in my region, I was drawn to exploring the moods of nature while hiking at a relatively young age.

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