Photographer of the Week: Patricia Davidson

Japanese Maple in Portland, USA

Patricia Davidson • Photographer of the Week

Patricia-DavidsonI am a Pacific Northwest outdoor photographer specializing in landscape, commercial/editorial assignments and travel photography. I have been living on the Oregon Coast in USA for over 20 years. My background is in the visual arts and web development. I set out to produce images that express my artist vision and passion for photography as well as my love of nature and the outdoors.

What's in your bag

Canon 6D
Canon 16-35mm f/2.8L II
Canon 24-105mm f/4L IS
Canon 70-200mm f/4L IS
Canon 100mm f/2.8L IS
Fuji XT-1
Fuji 10-24mm
Fuji 18-55mm
Fuji 55-200mm
Induro CT-213 8X Carbon Tripod
RRS BH-40 Ballhead
Gura Gear Unita Backpack

When did you start photography?

I started photographing landscapes in 2007. Prior to that I have always loved photography since my time in high school. When I won a state photo contest with a point and shoot camera, my husband went out and bought me my first DSLR. I've been hooked ever since.

Who are your favourite past or present photographers?

I remember always enjoying the works of Ansel Adams, Steve McCurry and Galen Rowell. I've been a big fan of Art Wolfe over the years as well. There are far too many photographers to name, that inspire me.

What is your favourite and most inspiring location?

The Oregon Coast, where I have lived for the last 20 years, is one my favorite places. Bandon, being on the top of the list along the Oregon Coast.

What are your future photographic plans?

Next month I will begin traveling with my husband in our RV. Our plans are to travel the United States and Canada. Photography, of course, is the biggest motivation. There are so many places I have not yet had the opportunity to visit in the past so I'm pretty excited about getting started. I would also like to finish some ebook ideas I have and I’d like to grow my stock inventory as I travel.

What advice would you give to our readers?

My advice to photographers is to slow down and take your time when you are composing your pictures, that is when you will get better images. You will begin to see more compositional possibilities open up to you when you take your time. It will also make the experience more memorable.

To see more of Patricia's work visit her website (see sidebar).

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  1. Hello – I really enjoy the Photographer of the Week features. Patricia’s work is amazing and I follow her through social media. I would love the opportunity to be your next POTW. I am an outdoor backpack landscape photographer, living in the Pacific Northwest USA and featuring work of mountain, wilderness, national park and related areas of the North American west. You have already put one of my images out on your Facebook feed and it would be an honor and a privilege to be featured in this section at some point. Thank you!

    1. Hi Steve
      You have been accepted for future photographer of the week. Expect our email at some point in the future. Note that you have been added in a queue as there are quite a few photographers that have been accepted before you.

  2. Hi I’m Jenifer, a spanish freelance photographer living in UK. I love photography since I was so young, that comes from my father. My dream is be a magazine photographer some day but meanwhile I go around to take pictures as much as I can on my free time.

  3. I have always been drawn to visual elements in our environment which evoke strong visceral reactions, especially those of appreciation and recognition of beauty. However, it is always a challenge to capture at least a small essence of these in a photographic exposure and subsequent print. Meeting this challenge is a continual learning process, and for me has never been easy, as one would expect, and requires time spent to familiarise oneself with an area and often multiple visits over time.

    1. Hi Rich
      You have been accepted for future photographer of the week. Expect our email at some point in the future. Note that you have been added in a queue as there are quite a few photographers that have been accepted before you.

  4. I am passionate about photographing landscape photography! I prefer photographing natural landscapes but enjoy shooting urban landscapes as well. Natural landscapes draw you back to nature; it can provide peace and tranquility and that is why I love it so much.

  5. I would absolutely love to featured as Photographer of the week in your magazine. I’ve been a landscape and nature photographer since 2008, and originally from Florida, now based in North/Central Massachusetts. I have a great love of the outdoors, and all Mother Nature has to offer.

    1. Hi Thomas
      You have been accepted for future photographer of the week. Make sure all LPM emails get through to you (add LPM to your whitelist) and expect our email at some point in the future. Note that you have been added in a queue as there are quite a few photographers that have been accepted before you.

  6. Hi there, I am a photographer based in South Africa – I am lucky enough to live next to one of our biggest rivers and therefore have the opportunity to often scout for good pics. I also do weddings, portraits, sport, industrial and all sorts of other work. I was born in the film days and therefore I have a thorough grounding.

  7. I would love to become photographer of the week. I am a self taught photographer out of Colorado . I love to shoot landscaped,children and weddings. I’ve been shooting since 2011 when I bought my first dslr and fell in love.

  8. I would love to be featured as a photographer of the week by this magazine. I am a landscape photographer from South-East Australia and have a passion for landscape, travel and abstract photography. I started off with a Canon EOS 600D and a Sigma 10-20mm wide angle just over 2 years ago, since then my kit has now grown to include a Canon EOS 5DmkIII, Canon Powershot G1XmkI (w/underwater casing), 24-70mm f2.8, 70-200mm f2.8, 40mm STM f2.8, Vangaurd Auctus tripod with a pistol grip w/panning ball head and much more.

  9. I have had a passion for photography since I was a small girl watching my aunt take pictures. I have always been the one to take tons of photos of everything, but I had to be a mom, wife, full time medical office manager, full time student and everything in between first. Now my kids are almost grown and I am traveling with my husband and son focusing on my passion during the day. Learning as much as I can and practicing as often as I can. I am new to the world of photography but I do hope to be a pro one day.

  10. I am an 18 year old landscape and travel photographer. Have already been Highly commended in the USA Landscape POTY and also a BBC POTY finalist, but still have a ways to go in terms of recognition. Love the website, hope to be featured one day.

    all the best, Dvir

  11. I would love to be considered for PotW. Someone who got hooked on photography with film and school darkroom experimentation. Canon and Fuji in my bag with landscapes photography my most satisfying photographic adventure. Love to travel and addicted to Iceland and the draw of the ‘Lady Lights’ the Aurora is a mesmerising photographic intoxication.

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