Patagonia’s Four Seasons

Patagonia is a landscape photographer’s ultimate destination and the elusive dream of many. Andrew Waddington has spent one year photographing the national parks and living the dream; here is his story

Patagonia has long held a fascination for adventurers and travellers. The region is divided by the southernmost Andean mountain range, which form a backbone between Chile and Argentina. In recent years national parks in both countries have experienced resurgence as landscape photographers from all corners of the globe arrive to photograph the extraordinary scenery.

Visitors are drawn by the majesty of the Andean mountains, many of which rise from near sea level with sheer walls of granite and ice. The National Parks Torres del Paine in Chile and Los Glaciares in Argentina are home to some of the most dramatic...

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Andrew Waddington

Andrew Waddington is a landscape photographer from England who grew up in a photographic family, the family. Andrew has photographed the American west for three years; he has also photographed Patagonia extensively.

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