On Causality

Storytelling is often very hard to achieve in landscape photography, but inclusion of a cause and its effect can immediately introduce a different level of content. Erez Marom has the story

Causality is the relationship between causes and effects. It is considered to be fundamental to all natural science”. Wait a second before blaming me for quoting Wikipedia – causality can be a main source of interest in nature and landscape images. If one of an image’s purposes is to tell a story, then what better way to do that than including a cause and an effect?

Including causality in an image can have a number of advantages with regard to viewer interest and visual appeal, in several dimensions. First of all, including a cause and effect can introduce a new level of interconnection to an image’s composition. Imagine the sun on one side of the frame and the light it casts on the other side. This does a great deal to connect the different sections and the different compositional elements on a higher level than just visual balance.

Secondly, causality causes a greater degree of visual interest in the image. One can look at an image as being made of several levels. The infrastructure is the …

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