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To what extent can you manipulate your images and still classify them as landscape photography? Erez Marom explores one of photography’s most contentious topics

Image processing might be today’s most controversial topic in the world of landscape photography. Countless heated debates are going on, virtual punches being thrown, images are being disqualified from competitions for being ‘illegal’ composites and, in general, the boundary between photography and digital art is being constantly challenged. As a photographer by trade, I am feeling more and more uncomfortable with this, for two reasons. Firstly, as part of the landscape photography world, I feel that people are more and more skeptical of my images being genuine. Secondly, there is an ever more important decision to be made about one’s own limits: what do YOU allow yourself to do and still call your art ‘landscape photography’?

For me, the answer is quite clear, perhaps in a slightly unclear way. A nature image needs to maintain two traits: firstly it needs to have been there, and secondly...

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Erez Marom

Erez is a full-time nature photographer and traveler based in Israel. Erez authors professional articles on nature photography, and offers unique photography workshops in fascinating locations worldwide.

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