Interview With Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons was the only girl who carried a camera all the time during her high school and college years. Since then, and with plenty of practice, she has developed into a superb Fine Art Nature Photographer

What got you started in photography?

I have always loved taking pictures. In high school and college I was always the one with the camera, but those pictures were always captured with the camera set on ‘Auto’. I didn’t get serious about learning photography until I took an online class with Bryan Peterson back in 2003 called Understanding Exposure. Bryan said I was a natural when it came to composition; I just needed to learn the technical aspects of photography and the class gave me a firm foundation for this.

What drew you to nature photography?

I think early on it was just as much about accessibility as subject matter. I live in a rural area on the coast of Maine, so I am surrounded by nature.

You have become somewhat of a Lensbaby guru. How did you get started using these lenses?

I learned about Lensbaby at a workshop back in 2005. One of the participants was using one and I was blown away by its effect. I ordered my first one, the Lensbaby 2, as soon as I returned home and have been addicted to those magical lenses ever since. Being named a Lensbaby Guru by my friends there has been one of the highlights of my career.

Your photography has a wonderful soft, subtle feel. Have you ever been attracted to HDR or more punchy landscapes?

Oh gosh, no! I do shoot landscapes too but prefer a more natural look. 

Have you experienced any changes in creative vision during the course of your photographic career?

I have been attracted to selective focus from the day I learned about shallow depth of field. It really represents the way I see the world. This is part of the joy when shooting with a Lensbaby. I see small details when I look at a subject and try to photograph it in a way that shows a viewer how I see the world. Macro photography makes ...

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