In Conversation… Kathleen Clemons

Kathleen Clemons was the only girl who carried a camera all the time during her high school and college years. Since then, and with plenty of practice, she has developed into a superb Fine Art Nature Photographer. Interview by Deborah Hughes

What got you started in photography?
I have always loved taking pictures. In high school and college I was always the one with the camera, but those pictures were always captured with the camera set on ‘Auto’. I didn’t get serious about learning photography until I took an online class with Bryan Peterson back in 2003 called Understanding Exposure. Bryan said I was a natural when it came to composition; I just needed to learn the technical aspects of photography and the class gave me a firm…

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Deborah Hughes

Deborah Hughes distills her close connection to the desert through intimate and artistic photographic expressions. Her keen eye focuses on what most pass by, capturing impressionistic and abstract landscapes.

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