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Bryan has been a successful commercial photographer for over 35 years. Within the photographic community, he is best known as the author and photographer of nine best-selling books and for his willingness to share his knowledge with other photographers. Interview by Deborah Hughes

My first introduction to Bryan Peterson was through his book ‘Learning to See Creatively’. Though I had a basic sense of composition and framing, Bryan’s book allowed me to ask and practice ‘What if?’ beyond the documentary and novelty photography approach I had used to prior to reading the book. When I upgraded to a DSLR, I also purchased his ‘Understanding Photography Field Guide’ and carried it in my camera bag for easy reference for those frustrating moments when learning to work in manual mode. While reading his responses to my interview questions, I realized that Bryan embodies the attributes of a successful photography entrepreneur – a willingness to take risks (financial and artistic), belief in his own ideas and work (except for prints), a willingness to continually immerse himself in learning creative craft, and most of all, a willingness to passionately share all of the above with other photographers regardless of their level of expertise. The totality of his work is about enabling photographers to see through their own eyes rather than bow to his particular way of seeing.

First a little background on Bryan’s career.

Bryan has been a successful commercial photographer for over 35 years. His clients include American Express, Kodak, UPS, Phillips, and Citibank. He has received seven awards from the Communication Arts Photography Annual, four awards from Print Magazine, as well as winning the prestigious New York Art Directors Gold Award. He has been a contributing editor at …

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