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Are you thinking of opening your own picture gallery and making one of your dreams come true? Have you thought about the location and the type of clients? Gallery owner Jon Gibbs shares some helpful insights

“It's only a photograph”. “These are all manipulated”. “Your pictures are as good as this dear”. “That much for a photograph?”

I could go on and fill this whole article with quotes and quips from the general public and their views on photography. Anyone who has their own gallery, holds an exhibition, attends craft fairs or puts their images up on social media will know exactly what I mean. It's safe to say you need a very thick skin when the general public and fellow photographers are let loose on your images.

I have been hearing these comments for over five years now, since myself and my colleague opened our own photography gallery in ‘Wells next the Sea’ in North Norfolk. It has been, and continues to be, a very …

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    Ian Blakemore on

    After reading that Peter Lik was paid $6.8 million for a photograph even though he is top dog I dont think I will ever feel guilty about the price of a photograph especially when you think of what you had to go through to get the shot. Bookings, flights, airport taxes, long hikes, bugs, mud, freezing cold, scorching heat, etc, etc. Most of the shots are worth the money but the general public dont see this side of photography, photography to them is a day out somewhere nice where they can take a few snaps of the family.

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