Extraordinary Everyday Photography

The main idea of this book is to teach how to create striking images in otherwise ordinary surroundings. The question is, does it succeed in doing so? David Hay has the review

The publisher of this book, Amphoto, has produced a large number of photography books over the years, most of them similar to this one. They are usually large format softback books, generally written by well-known photographers and illustrated with their own photographs about a wide variety of photographic topics.

This book was written by Brenda Tharp, best known for ‘Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography’, and her partner Jed Manwaring.


The book is divided into 10 chapters covering subjects such as Vision, Perception, Point of View and Composition. From the moment you start reading you realise that the information offered is sensible and down-to-earth, with a refreshing lack of jargon. This is advice from a pair of good photographers who have worked out how to get the best pictures available in a variety of different circumstances.

If I had to summarise the advice given throughout this book, it would be to …

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