Dusk to Dawn

Expand your landscape photography potential by shooting long after sundown and on through the night. As Mark Hamblin explains, photography requires very little light

Light is fundamental to all photography. Saying that, it is actually quite surprising how little light is required to make a photograph. The only real criterion is that there is some light to work with, however low its intensity. It is then simply a matter of leaving the aperture open long enough to capture a photograph of the scene. Other than introducing digital noise to the photograph, there are no limits to how long the aperture can remain open in order to capture the faintest of light. And this is an exciting prospect because it means that we are not …

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About Author

Mark Hamblin

Mark Hamblin is a freelance nature photographer with a primary focus on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places. His recent work has been on collaborative projects that include Tooth & Claw and Wild Wonders of Europe. He is also working on the 2020VISION project.

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