Colour in the Landscape

Although fundamentally a simple topic, the way that we choose to use colour within our landscape images is complex and highly individual. Mark Hamblin encourages you to think more closely about the use of colour in your own photography

Colour is an integral and fundamental component of the majority of landscape photographs, helping to evoke an emotional response from the image. It is perhaps surprising therefore that a lot more emphasis is placed on subject matter and locations when we discuss landscape photography rather than the use of colour. It is almost as though colour is taken for granted and something that we respond to and incorporate into our images at a sub-conscious level. But by turning this on its head and thinking more specifically about the use of colour and how this will be interpreted in the final image we can produce images that convey a particular mood or elicit a desired response.

Colour theory is a subject that is taught at an academic level to photography students but it is essentially a simple concept and not something that needs to become overcomplicated or difficult to get your head around. For painters it is an essential part of their art and something they have full control over. As photographers we...

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Mark Hamblin

Mark Hamblin is a freelance nature photographer with a primary focus on Scotland’s wildlife and wild places. His recent work has been on collaborative projects that include Tooth & Claw and Wild Wonders of Europe. He is also working on the 2020VISION project.

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