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Book Review: Moodscapes

This collection of Icelandic landscapes, by Rebekka Guðleifsdóttir, demonstrates that a unique personal vision will lead to more memorable work than technical perfection alone. David Hay has the review

This book is a new twist on the subject of landscape photography. It is not just about traditional landscape photography but more about the personal style of the author and how she creates her moodscapes in the landscape of Iceland.

There are 11 chapters covering such subjects as composition, shooting techniques, subject matter and postproduction. However, I felt that the early chapters in the book on subjects such as the evolution of photography and the basics of aperture and shutter speed were unnecessary and may have been added at the suggestion of the publisher to try and bulk-up the content. Most photographers wanting to learn about fine-art landscape photography don’t need to be told about the introduction of the daguerreotype or what an aperture is.

The heart of the book covers the techniques used by the author, liberally illustrated with her photographs of the Icelandic landscape. She tells her story with …

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