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At A Moment’s Notice

A travelling photographer’s life can be full of exciting moments and rewards. But as Erez Marom says, there are downsides; perhaps one of the least obvious is that you have to be ready at a moment’s notice

One of the outcomes of choosing the nature photographer lifestyle relatively late in life is that I tend to contemplate a great deal about this lifestyle, its advantages and disadvantages. I let the proverbial stream carry me and guide me into uncharted territory and live an extraordinary life, but I often find myself struggling, experiencing the conflict between an adventurous life and a calm one. I never forget that one must accept the downsides too. One of these downsides, perhaps one of the least obvious, is that you have to be ready at a moment’s notice.

While it might not sound that bad to be on what can be described as a lifetime alert status – imagine what happens when you need to be at home, but also need to fly away because something has just happened that you need to photograph. The older and more attached you get to your home, family, any routine you have going on, the harder it is to …

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Erez Marom

Erez is a full-time nature photographer and traveler based in Israel. Erez authors professional articles on nature photography, and offers unique photography workshops in fascinating locations worldwide.

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