You Can Never Make It Too Exciting

You can never make a work of art too exciting. While you may think it is over the top, the final say rests with the customers. Eventually, as Alain Briot says, they decide whether something is to their liking or not

For years Natalie and I sold what we called three-pictures panorama with decorated mat. This was a piece that consisted of three photographs, usually on a specific theme such as natural arches, sunsets, sunrises, natural phenomena, and so on. We matted these in a double mat with three openings for the photographs in the center and two small openings for decorative items on each side of the center photograph. In the small openings we placed decorative Native American items such as bits of turquoise, wild turkey feathers, silver castings of horses, carved bone feathers, and so on. Instead of having square corners, each of the six mat openings had intricate Southwest design corners called Palomino. The top mat was beige while the bottom one was dark brown. These contrasting colors made the Palomino design really stand out. We added spacers between the top and the bottom mat to provide sufficient depth for the decor items to fit in the mat. This made the finished piece nearly half an inch deep, giving it a substantial feel and look. The complexity of this piece, alongside its unique look and sophisticated craftsmanship, made it extremely popular with customers ...

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