Winter Yellowstone

There are many locations around the world that offer outstanding opportunities for winter photography. As Nigel Turner says though, few can compare to the delights that Yellowstone provides

At exactly 7.30am, bang on time, our chartered snow bus arrives outside our hotel and as our breath condenses in the frigid cold air, we load up our camera bags and tripods and climb aboard to the welcoming warmth of the vehicle. It’s still dark outside and although the windows are covered in a fine frost, as we leave town and begin our journey into Yellowstone National Park, I can just make out the thermometer outside the bank, it reads -27F. This is the first day of an eight-day workshop into this winter wonderland and the excitement of the group is clear to see. Excited faces glow with anticipation of what lies ahead and the wait is finally over. Many of the group booked this trip nearly a year in advance and now the day has arrived – their…

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