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The World of Books

From enthusiasts to pros, many photographers dream of seeing their book on the shelves of many bookstores. However, how difficult is it to achieve such a task? Beata Moore shares her experiences

Have you ever met a photographer who hasn’t dreamt of publishing their own luxurious coffee table book? So far, I haven’t. From enthusiasts to pros, all photographers, including myself, dream of becoming a published author. Many of them knock at publishers’ doors, and a large percentage of those who knock hear a polite ‘no’ or nothing at all. Hoping that a traditional publishing company will showcase your most cherished photos in a book, immensely improve your visibility, and, of course, make you rich is a totally unrealistic dream. Coffee table books are almost a thing of the past. Sadly, we live in a download-anything-fast-and-cheap era. The world of photography is provided for free on the internet on a massive scale. Yet, there is…

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Beata Moore is a professional landscape photographer and writer. She is deeply passionate about the environment and her work shows the affinity with the natural world.

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