The Masterpiece Strategy

How do you take the best photographs you can? Do you go through the ‘masterpiece strategy?’ David Hay shares his experience on the procedure many use to take a landscape picture, as well as his own way

When I am out taking landscape photographs with other photographers, I notice that many of them adopt what I call ‘the masterpiece strategy’. When they arrive at a location, they spend quite a lot of time examining the view in front of them, looking for the best possible composition. Viewing the scene through a rectangular frame can help narrow down the compositional possibilities. The frame can be turned vertically or horizontally and moved away from, and towards, the eye to simulate the field of view of different focal lengths.

Having decided on the best composition, the photographers then…

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David Hay

I took up photography at the age of eleven and have been passionate about it ever since. As a retired biologist I still marvel at the beauty of the natural world and try and capture the colours and forms of natural things around me.

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