The Human Touch

As photographers, we often strive to convey the mood of a certain place. This emotion can sometimes be conveyed much more strongly by the inclusion of a human subject. Sapna Reddy explains

“This is so beautiful; I wish I were there.” If these are the words that first pop into your viewer’s mind when he or she looks at one of your photographs, consider yourself a winner.

Photography, like most art forms, serves a dual purpose. Firstly, it gives the artist/photographer an avenue for creative expression of his or her unique visual design. The elements of visualization, imagination, and creativity combine to generate the image, an artistic expression, which leads us to the second purpose of the art: the emotional response evoked in the viewer.

If one accepts that these two purposes are integral to the art, then any picture that satisfies the photographer’s creativity while evoking an expected emotional response in the viewer becomes a good picture. So, in a broad sense, there are no…

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Born and raised in Hyderabad, India, Sapna Reddy is a landscape photographer who currently resides in California, USA.

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