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The Beauty Of Shadows By Ian Plant

Although it is often said that landscape photographers “chase the light,” as Ian Plant says, “what we really should be doing is chasing the contrast between light and shadow. It is at the edge of light where the true magic happens”

Shadows can be particularly effective at creating the appearance of depth in photographs. When we take a photograph, we transform our dynamic three-dimensional reality into something considerably flatter, rendering it as a two-dimensional representation. While our three-dimensional binocular vision may correctly perceive separation between objects at varying distances in the real world, in a two-dimensional photo, objects can seem to occupy the same physical space, appearing to merge together. The result can often be…

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Ian Plant is a full time professional nature photographer, writer, and adventurer. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, books and calendars, and he is a frequent contributor to Popular Photography and Outdoor Photographer magazines, among others.

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