Starting A Photography Business 3

Starting a small business, says Deborah Hughes, let alone a photography business, in today’s economy can be a daunting and sometimes insurmountable undertaking. We have put together a series of articles that can help all those who are thinking of starting their own photography business: this is part 3

You have set out on the road toward turning your passion for photography into a business – your business plan is mapped out, a core group of business professionals who can guide you through the roundabout intersections of legalities, regulations, and taxes have been identified, and your website is rip-roaring ready for traffic. You post regular blogs online sharing camera tips, location scouting, and gear reviews, and you have linked your well-crafted images to Facebook, but so far only your grandmother has visited your site...

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Deborah Hughes

Deborah Hughes distills her close connection to the desert through intimate and artistic photographic expressions. Her keen eye focuses on what most pass by, capturing impressionistic and abstract landscapes.

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