Plan B

Sometimes we arrive at a photo location to discover that the photograph that was originally planned is not possible due to weather or light conditions. As David Hay says, it always helps to have a plan B up your sleeve

Recently, I was helping to take a couple of Canadian photographers around the Glencoe area. They had particularly asked to be taken to the waterfall in Glen Etive where I had shot the black and white image shown in LPM Issue 42. I warned them that the photograph was taken after heavy rain and that the recent dry weather would mean that the side waterfalls in the foreground would be dry. Arriving at dawn, the small waterfalls were indeed dry and the vantage point for the main waterfall could only accommodate a couple of tri-pods, so the visitors were given the prime spot and I wandered off looking for …

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David Hay

I took up photography at the age of eleven and have been passionate about it ever since. As a retired biologist I still marvel at the beauty of the natural world and try and capture the colours and forms of natural things around me.

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