Picture At Hanging Rock

Most people have heard of Hanging Rock from a popular 1975 film about the disappearance of a group of schoolgirls. Keith Wilson found the location a haunting and challenging subject to photograph

Hanging Rock is located just over an hour’s drive northwest of Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city. It is a very distinctive geological feature, a six million year old mamelon – a name given to a congealed vent of magma on a volcano. Rising over 100m above the surrounding plain, Hanging Rock in fact comprises dozens of tall, rough columns of weathered rock with hundreds of ankle-jarring crevices. In many places these coarse, rocky and pockmarked pillars resemble long gaping faces on the reddish-coloured stone. The Wurundjeri tribe of aborigines…

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Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is the founder of both Outdoor Photography and Black + White Photography magazines and former editor of Amateur Photographer. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and on-line tutor in travel photography at My Photo School.

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