Parallel Universe

Part of what can make an image both visually appealing and conceptually interesting is the connection between different elements within the frame. Erez Marom analyses and explains his theory on this composition technique

A complete image is made of differentiable elements, and these elements can either be separate or have a variety of relations between them. To make an image which is indeed complete and not just different layers on top of each other; a photographer needs to make the elements included within it communicate with each other. But how? One way is parallelism.

When visualising an image, especially its composition, one needs to take into account the possible similarities, or parallelisms, that the environment offers. For example, very often it seems like…

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Erez Marom

Erez is a full-time nature photographer and traveler based in Israel. Erez authors professional articles on nature photography, and offers unique photography workshops in fascinating locations worldwide.

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