My Favourite Location • Axel Kunstner

Nehren, Germany

Usually, the places I love most to take photographs are the ones near by. Right now, I am located in Southwest Germany, just next to the wonderful Swabian Alb. The Alb is a quite old formation. The mountains are more like rolling hills due to millions of years of erosion.

This picture was taken very close to Nehren on a little plateau. During summer time, crops growing on this plateau. In autumn the plateau takes either a brown or green colour. This year, we had a wonderful autumn, which allowed the grass to grow tall again. The scenery shows the moment right after sunset. The dark clouds are still illuminated by the sun and a small piece of blue sky was visible. The play of colours was just wonderful. Unfortunately, the tree in the foreground lost a big branch in the center during a tremendous hailstorm last summer.

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