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Wet and windy weather conditions can drive landscape photographers insane. Dennis Bromage shares his frustration and the decision he had to make during a trip to the Lake District under such conditions

I absolutely love shooting in great light, those days when you get that lovely mix of clear sky and fluffy clouds or sun and showers are the Holy Grail for me but sometimes these conditions just don’t materialise. If I am at home it is all too easy to just stay in the office when the weather is less than perfect but when poor conditions persist for weeks, or if I am away from home on a photographic trip, I feel as though I need to get out and shoot no matter what. This winter was particularly frustrating with grey, wet and windy conditions dominating for almost 3 months. At home I set myself a project to…

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Dennis Bromage

Dennis is a professional landscape photographer and one-to-one workshop tutor based in North Yorkshire in England. He is currently focusing his attention on the landscapes and coast of his beautiful and picturesque home county

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