Gear Test: Tripods

For many, lugging a tripod around is a cumbersome nuisance – for others, it is an essential tool. With the help of Morag Paterson and Ted Leeming we tested six tripods that are sturdy, well priced and suitable for most landscape photographers

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About Author


Based in the Galloway Hills in rural southwest Scotland, photographers Ted Leeming and Morag Paterson have been working collaboratively for six years capturing the beauty of the natural world in their striking and evocative photographic images.


    • Avatar

      Hi Glenn
      No one in the article said that you cannot use long lenses, this is entirely your choice.

  1. Avatar

    great article ! covered all the bases . but are they durable and strong enough to hold a long lense like the new tamron 150-600 . i have one on order and will need to up grade my tripod ? keep the great articles coming !

    • Avatar

      Hi Joe

      Thank you very much for the kind reply. I’m afraid we can’t answer your question. You see, this review was done specifically for landscape photographers and they don’t really use such long lenses for landscape. Sorry to disappoint you.

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