Book Review: Color, Light and Composition

Sue Bishop is perhaps best known for having set up Light & Land with Charlie Waite in 1994. Her previous books have been about flower photography but in this book she has gone on to produce a guide to what are probably the three most important elements of colour photography; colour, light and composition

The book, not surprisingly, is divided into three sections, each covering the main subject areas. The ‘Colour’ section deals with familiar topics such as the colour wheel, ‘warm’ and ‘cool’ colours and dominant and receding colours. The ‘Light’ section covers ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ light, front and back light and colour temperature and white balance. The final section on ‘Composition’ is the largest. It shows things like the effect of using different focal lengths of lenses on composition, the ‘rule of thirds’, the use of depth of field and leading lines.

Each chapter is concluded with a brief account of how to use Photoshop to improve your photographs. The techniques shown are…

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