Beginners’ Guide to RAW Format

A RAW file contains the unprocessed and uncompressed data from every pixel on the sensor. Every little bit of information is recorded and nothing is discarded. Mike Bell explains the pros of capturing images in RAW format

Many beginners admit to preferring to capture images in jpeg format even when their camera allows them to capture them in RAW format. They say that the images look sharp and vibrant straight out of the camera. Many have heard that landscape photographers should use RAW format but they don't really understand why. Some have tried RAW and found the results a bit disappointing. In this article I'd like to explain why you should persevere with RAW if you want to get the best possible results from your landscape photography files…

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Mike Bell

Mike is a landscape photographer based in Perthshire, Scotland where his photographs have been used by Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust, Visit Scotland, Forestry Commission Scotland and local tourist associations.

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