Away From The Sun

As Dimitri Vasileiou says, ‘you don’t need to point towards the sun to create a lovely sunset or sunrise picture’. Avoid the high contrast situations that can cause problems by facing away from the sun

What I’m about to type in the next couple of lines might be perceived as a statement by some and there might be a bit of truth in that. I often say to people who participate to my workshops that ‘you don’t need to point towards the sun to create a lovely sunset/sunrise picture’. Of course, my intention is not just to make the statement but explain the reason behind it as well, so here it goes.

I had heard from some people before that the Moray coast in Scotland has plenty to offer to landscape photographers. Besides the obvious locations, one can find some hidden treasures also. However, some people who…

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Dimitri Vasileiou is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer, writer and photographic workshop leader. A professional photographer for several years, he was born in Greece and currently resides in Scotland.

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