As Morning Bursts

Cheryl Hamer moved to Anglesey recently. Over the next 12 months she will explore every ‘nook and cranny’ of the place and she will be sharing her experiences with us every month

All my life I have loved the sea. I think this stems from my childhood when I lived down on the South Coast with my parents. I remember many happy walks along the cliffs at Becton Bunny with my dad enjoying the sights and sounds of the sea – and wondering where the rabbits were! In particular, I remember gazing out across the water to the Isle of Wight and thinking…

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    The sunrise is a really beautiful, inspiring image and it’s very interesting to read about the preparation behind capturing it (and the f22 starburst tip too). The light is wonderful and I’m looking forward to sharing your island adventure and discovering Anglesey with you.

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    I love Anglesey it will be great to have a armchair tour of one of my favourite places, and to see shots like these will make it well worthwhile, keep up the good work Cheryl.


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    Nice to see Cheryl’s love of the sea & photography come together in such a special place such as Anglesey. It will be nice to follow her journey & look forward to the next part.

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    I’ve seen Cheryl’s skills develop over the past seven years. Nowadays each set of pics illustrate this development.
    Cheryl’s move to Anglesey is proving a winner

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    I really enjoyed reading this article. It is nice to see Anglesey through fresh eyes of somebody who has just moved onto the island. The way you would see it when you first visited the place. It will be wonderful to follow Cheryl through the year and see how she discovers the island’s hidden beauty, through her beautiful pictures and written word. It is very inspiring and inviting to visit it again and again…

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    I am so happy to be able to see Anglesey through Cheryl’s eyes – the first image is a cracker, with the powerful dark sky and sudden burst of sunlight illuminating the vast sea and the Puffin Island! Can’t wait for the next part!

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