The Secret Nature Of Fungi

As we approach the end of another British summer, the days are getting shorter and there is a recognisable chill in the evening air. As the flowers and insects fade, the first of the fungi begin to make an appearance. Robert Thompson unveils the secret nature of fungi

Fungi are a unique and intriguing group of organisms. Their popularity as photographic subjects has increased significantly in recent times among macro photographers. However, this was not always the case as many were of the opinion that fungi, from a photographic point of view, were difficult to get enthusiastic about. This is certainly not the case; many are colourful and their bizarre shapes and structures make for eye-catching photographs. The Panther Cap, Dog Stinkhorn, Destroying Angel and the Fly Agaric are...

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Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is an accomplished natural history photographer, writer, and naturalist living in Ireland. He is an acclaimed macro specialist and author of a number of books on natural history and photography.

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