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How do we create artistic and personal work out of an iconic landscape and get our inner voice heard by viewers when the subject alone is shouting out loud? In this new series of articles, Rafael Rojas will share with us his knowledge and experiences on a variety of subjects

I have always thought that a photograph can only be understood as fine art when it talks about the photographer as much or as more as it does about the photographed subject matter; not only a representation of a place or the record of a moment in the photographer's life, but a clear and personal statement of how the photographer understands, feels and imagines a certain place and a certain moment. For me, a landscape photograph becomes a fine art photograph when its storytelling goes beyond the subject matter represented in the photograph and transcends a mere list of nouns which identify the different elements depicted in the image...

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Rafael Rojas

Rafael Rojas is a fine art photographer, author and lecturer, whose work has been awarded in the most prestigious international photography competitions. His Fine Art prints, sold internationally, form part of numerous private and public collections.

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