The Great Gear Obsession

Are we obsessed with photographic equipment? Do we always need to own nothing but the best camera and lenses in order to make beautiful landscape images? Dennis Bromage shares his thoughts

The question I am asked more than any other by photographers (more often than not it is the very first thing they ask) is, what camera do you use? Or how many cameras do you own? Well I have two cameras, a very old and battered 5D MkII with 4 nice prime lenses covering focal lengths between 20 and 50mm and a G12 compact as my back up camera. The next comment inevitably is, so you are a Canon man then? Well no actually, I just happen to have a Canon body. 3 of my 4 lenses are made by Zeiss and Voigtlander! Having used every camera going whilst taking hundreds of clients out on workshops, I can say hand on heart that...

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Dennis Bromage

Dennis is a professional landscape photographer and one-to-one workshop tutor based in North Yorkshire in England. He is currently focusing his attention on the landscapes and coast of his beautiful and picturesque home county

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