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The Castells Of Sitges

No matter how much you prepare, it is those unplanned moments that often result in the most memorable experiences. Keith Wilson recalls one such moment in Catalonia

One of the best things about travelling is the element of surprise. Although it makes sense to learn something of the history and culture of a new destination, few things beat the thrill of witnessing a major spectacle that wasn’t on your itinerary. Four summers ago, I was spending a family holiday in the Mediterranean resort of Sitges, near Barcelona. Instead of heading to the beach, we decided to wander into the precincts of the town. Turning a corner, we found hundreds of people in the main square: men, women and children all attired in white trousers, but with different coloured shirts of maroon, lilac and mauve. Then I noticed some of the men helping each other to wrap great lengths of...

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Keith Wilson

Keith Wilson is the founder of both Outdoor Photography and Black + White Photography magazines and former editor of Amateur Photographer. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and on-line tutor in travel photography at My Photo School.

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