The Art of Close-up and Macro Photography 2

A microcosmos many landscape photographers attempt to catch a glimpse of from time to time. Robert Thomson is a close-up photographer with over 20 years’ experience and in this two-part series he will tell us all about the art of this genre of photography

In the Field

I shoot virtually all of my images in the wild, with the exception of some subjects that require use of the studio and magnifications in excess of 2X. Most of these are beyond the scope of field photography and require a focusing rail and flash to arrest movement.

There are a number of photographers these days who prefer to shoot “close-up’s” free hand. I take virtually every image I can on a tripod and there are a number of advantages in doing so. First of all it allows you to compose your subject accurately and provides stability; it can be tiring on the arms and almost impossible to maintain accurate focus and composition when handholding in the field. Secondly, you can...

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Robert Thompson

Robert Thompson is an accomplished natural history photographer, writer, and naturalist living in Ireland. He is an acclaimed macro specialist and author of a number of books on natural history and photography.

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