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Starting A Photography Business

Starting a small business, says Deborah Hughes, let alone a photography business, in today’s economy can be a daunting and sometimes insurmountable undertaking. We have put together a series of articles that can help all those who are thinking of starting their own photography business

In this stagnant economy, you find yourself treading the mill to nowhere, anxious about the next round of layoffs or spinoffs, and hating your boss who is 10 years your junior. Armed with all the right gear and gadgets, kudos from family members and friends, your own website, and a flock of followers on a number of social media sites, you are hyped to launch your own business.

Before you quit your day job and make that leap, you may want to reality check your exuberance with the following facts about business startups from the...

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Deborah Hughes

Deborah Hughes distills her close connection to the desert through intimate and artistic photographic expressions. Her keen eye focuses on what most pass by, capturing impressionistic and abstract landscapes.

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