Photographing Iceland

The latest fashion in “location shooting” seems to be Iceland. This volcanic island offers a variety of extraordinary landscapes and scenery. Rainer Mirau is back from the cold north and offers his advice on photographing this amazing place

As a passionate landscape photographer, Iceland is high on my shooting wish list. Northern Europe as a whole is my preferred area to take scenic images; the main reason is simple: less people and more nature. After visiting Scotland and Norway several times, I wanted something new, although these two countries alone deliver sufficient shooting opportunities for a photographer‘s lifetime.

Iceland is different, it is like a raw jewel with unique places to see. The land, from a geological point of view, is young and still in a dynamic process. Stunning coastlines, amazing waterfalls, geysers, and an incomparable landscape affected by volcanic activity, are some of the highlights. The vegetation is sparse, there are almost no trees. Nevertheless...

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