Peace of Mind

Finding peace of mind and time to dedicate to ourselves is becoming an unreachable task. Is there any way to slow down, relax, concentrate and put our creativity into making beautiful and inspiring images? Dan Andre has the story

The year is 2013, and approximately seven billion people live on this little planet. The total land area of earth is 510 million square kilometres, which means there are 45.3 people per km2. There are a lot of people here. Cities rise, wars are fought and cars and aircrafts are built. We invent new things every day; we purchase products every day; we check our emails and like our friends’ Facebook updates every hour; we meet new people; we go to work; we pick up our children from school; we rush through dinner and we struggle with the life that has been given to us. We have iPhones and iPads, microwaves and coffee machines, and we care more about RAM and CPU, than...

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