Papua New Guinea • Death And Desire

David Tipling visited Papua New Guinea as part of a commission to shoot pictures for Birds and People, a book exploring the cultural connections people have to birds around the world. Here is his extraordinary story

A volley of calls drifts towards me on the afternoon breeze; other than the rustling of leaves, these are the only sounds breaking the silence on this mountain ridge. They come again, familiar yet exotic. We push on. Francis, my guide, is out of shape and suffering; sweat pours from him; his face glows red. Determined to keep hold of my tripod, he gestures he will be all right. With less than three hours to dusk, valuable minutes are slipping away. I know photography is going to be challenging and need all the time I can muster. “Just tell me which track to take, Francis”, but he will not relinquish. So at an agonisingly slow pace we venture on. Francis points to a muddy track up a low bank, “in here” he gasps, while trying to...

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