Matterhorn And Lake Stellisee

A lake on top of the world, the reflections of one of the most impressive mountains on its still waters, and a perfect sunrise. This is as close a landscape photographer can get to heaven; welcome to Lake Stellisee

No matter whether you say its name in German (Matterhorn), Italian (Monte Cervino) or French (Mont Cervin), everyone knows and recognises the unique shape of this famous mountain, which creates a border between Switzerland and Italy. The Matterhorn and its surrounding area are the most iconic locations across the Alps, which means also that this area should be very interesting from a landscape photography perspective.

After a quick analysis of the Matterhorn’s location and shape, it becomes clear that the best places from which to photograph it are situated to the east of the mountain. So, we need to visit Valais Alps, one of the most beautiful parts of Switzerland. The starting point of the trip can be one of the two picturesque villages under the Alps range, Täsch or Zermatt. Then, we need to...

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