It Is All About The Light

How important is light really in creating evocative landscape photographs? Dennis Bromage expresses his thoughts on how the right light transformed a location that he thought had very little potential

Whitby's iconic whale jaw bone arch on top of the West Cliff probably needs little introduction to anyone who has visited the North Yorkshire seaside town of England. The original arch is thought to date back to around 1853 when Whitby was the centre of the then flourishing whaling industry. It was erected probably as a curiosity for Victorian tourists and as a celebration of the whaling industry. Times have changed, however, and no-one now wants to celebrate or can justify the killing of whales, but the archway is still a powerful landmark. Hopefully, it stands now to educate people and to help inspire us all to protect these incredible creatures.

Many times over the last few years, I have been asked for pictures from the West Cliff, particularly images that included the whale bones. It is a view that people know and love but, although I too love the view across the harbour to the old side of Whitby, to be honest, I was not convinced that there was a good image to be had. The bones form a fantastic frame, but there is so much chaos behind them that I just could not see how I could create an evocative image that captured the mood and spirit of Whitby. I even did some research, but never found a single image that I felt went beyond the snap shot.

This year I decided I wanted to concentrate my photographic efforts mainly on...

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Dennis Bromage

Dennis is a professional landscape photographer and one-to-one workshop tutor based in North Yorkshire in England. He is currently focusing his attention on the landscapes and coast of his beautiful and picturesque home county

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