Interview With Kevin McNeal

Originally from Vancouver, Canada, and now residing in Seattle, Kevin McNeal is at a very close proximity to the Great Cascade Mountains with their amazing scenery and vast amounts of potential for landscape photography

This first question might be the toughest of the lot but… why landscape photography?

The reason I love landscape photography so much is because I absolutely love to be outdoors. I like the solitude and quietness you achieve when you are by yourself out in nature. Another reason I enjoy landscape photography is because it is a good reminder of all the stunning locations that I have witnessed so far.

If not landscape photography, what other genre?

I did try wildlife when I first began but just didn’t have the patience or the money for it. Besides, no matter how quiet I tried to be I always made too much noise and scared the wildlife away. I was not too popular with other wildlife photographers.

Looking at your images, it is obvious that you are in love with landscape photography. Is this love passion or obsession?

I think it is a bit of both. It is the passion that gets me up at 3am to drive all night but the obsession to get better and better. With photography there is always something you can learn and do better the next time. One of the ways I try to get better is by examining the work of other photographers and seeing what they are doing; that makes it so special for me. It is always nice when one’s work is well rewarded and people enjoy it.

Can you recall when you started falling in love with photography?

I fell in love with photography when I was working as an assistant cruise director on a cruise line that was sailing around the world. Up to that point I had not seen much of the world and had been very sheltered. Working on the cruise ship opened my eyes to the stunning beauty that is all around us. I needed to find a way to capture this to show the people back home the things that I had seen. Photography was the medium. The problem was that I had taken all those images on the ship with a point and shoot camera and none of the images came out, so that’s what inspired me to quit the cruise ships and start photography full-time.

You are a resident of the Pacific Northwest. Tell me about the area.

I am originally from Vancouver, Canada but met my wife while working on a cruise ship that went to Alaska. A few months later we were married and, when it came down to deciding whether to live in Vancouver or Seattle, I chose Seattle because of its proximity to the Great Cascade Mountains such as Mount Rainier, Mt St Helens, and Mt Baker. One of the things I love most about the area I live in is ...

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    Great article, and it’s “all Kevin” – the “Real McNeal”! He is a terrific photographer and a great workshop leader. Of the 3 workshops I’ve attended, I learned more in his workshop than in any of the others by far. Kevin will stretch the boundaries of your photography. Good to see another of his articles!

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