Interview With Jeff Cable

Jeff Cable has earned respect around the globe capturing images at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games in Beijing and serving as the official photographer for Team USA Hockey at the 2010 Winter Olympic Games in Vancouver. He teaches photography to other professionals around the world, including Australia, China, Europe and across USA

Working as a pro photographer, what are the pros and cons you come up against on a daily basis and what tips would you give to all those trying to get into photography as professionals?

The best part of being a photographer is the amazing life experiences that I get to be involved in. I have now been to three Olympic Games and heading to my fourth in 2014. How many people can say that, and be a part of history like this? The toughest part of being a professional photographer is keeping myself excited about each shoot and pushing myself to shoot in new and different ways.

How did you manage to get involved with the Olympic games and represent various USA teams?

In 2008 I went to the Summer Olympics in Beijing with Lexar. I managed a team of people who were there to support all the credentialed photographers. At this time, I saw what these photographers were capturing and I thought “I need to do this.” I was able to get into some of the venues and captured images for some publications. Using that experience and my contacts with some of the local professional teams in the San Francisco area, I was able to make contact with the right people at the US Olympic Committee. It took me almost two years of pushing to get my first Olympic bid.

You attended the London Olympics 2012. Can you tell us about your experiences there, and perhaps a moment that you will remember forever?

London was amazing for so many reasons. I had such a great time there. The one moment that will be remembered forever was the gold medal game for the women of USA water polo. I was their only photographer and had photographed every match leading up to this huge game. The pressure to deliver was higher than ever, but the reward was awesome. I joined this team throughout the entire experience, and even was invited to the gold medal party; not as a photographer, but as an extended member of the team. I had the chance to socialise with the team members and even to wear a gold medal. It was so much fun to hear the girls say “after each game, we could not wait to get onto the USA Water Polo Facebook page to see the images that you captured”.

Besides nature and sports photography, I see that you also work with other genres of photography (portrait, wedding, events and so on). Can you explain your philosophy on this please; is it just for financial gain or do you love the excitement of moving from genre to genre?

I am a Type A kind of person and easily get bored when doing the same thing over and over. For this reason, I really love shooting many different genres. And yes, I have to admit that shooting events, mostly bar and bat mitzvahs, does help pay the bills. Regardless of what I am shooting, I get the same excitement when I ...

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